Watch Detection of Gravitational Waves Seminar held on 2/24/16 via YouTube.

Undergraduate Students Attend PHYSCON 2016

PHYSCON F16 Physics & Astronomy students Angelica-   LorraineLee, Stephanie Hadley, and Bitha   Salimkumar at   the 2016 PHYSCON conference,   meeting with Dr. Jocelyn Bell Burnell, discoverer   of the the first pulsars.




Aaron Romanowsky Wins 2015 Early Career Investigator Award

romanoswky The SJSU Research Foundation awards this prize   to tenure-track faculty who "have excelled in         areas of research... at an early or beginning         point in their careers at SJSU." Read more about   his award here.





Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics at UC Santa Cruz

Women in Physics F15  Attending the 2015 Conference for                 Undergraduate Women in Physics, SJSU physics     students Beth Johnson, Stephanie Lorelli ,         Jennifer Vu, and engineering student Franchesca   Owens enjoyed networking, lab tours, and talks     on



Physics & Astronomy Students Tour Lick Observatory

Lick Observatory F15 Students and faculty went to the top of Mt.   Hamilton to learn about modern and historical   telescopes. Here they   are seen on the catwalk   outside the 120" reflector





Olenka Hubickyj Wins 2013 Outstanding Lecturer Award

Olenka Award S14

 The Outstanding Lecturer Award recognizes a   lecturer for excellence in teaching effectiveness   and service to the SJSU campus community. This   year’s winner comes from the College of Science.





Physics Undergraduate Conducts Research in Hawaii

Hawaii S14 Richard Vo, now a graduate student at San   Francisco State University, conducteed     astrophysics research at the Keck telescopes at   Mauna Kea, Hawaii in spring 2014, with the   guidance of his adviser, Dr. Aaron Romanowsky




Alejandro Garcia Wins the 2012 - 2013 Outstanding Professor Award

garcia award S13 The Outstanding Professor Award recognizes a faculty   member with overall excellence in an academic   assignment. This year’s winner comes from the College of   Science.