Alejandro GarciaAlejandro Garcia


Specialization: Computational fluid mechanics,
statistical mechanics

Office: SCI 245
Phone: 408-924-5244
Email: algarcia@algarcia.org

Gina Quan
Gina Quan

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Physics Education Research (PER)

Office: SCI 264
Email:  gina.quan@sjsu.edu

Christopher Smallwood
Christopher Smallwood

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Experimental optics and
condensed matter physics

Office: SCI 248
Phone: 408-924-5270
Email: christopher.smallwood@sjsu.edu

Kassahun BetreKassahun Betre

Assistant Professor

Specialization: High Energy Theory, Quantum Gravity

Email: kassahun.betre@sjsu.edu



Cassandra PaulCassandra Paul

Associate Professor

Specialization: Physics Education Research, Astronomy

Office: SCI 248 
Phone: 408-924-5228
Email: cassandra.paul@sjsu.edu

Neil SwitzNeil Switz

Associate Professor 

Specialization: Optical microscopy and medical diagnostics

Office: SCI 310
Email: neil.switz@sjsu.edu

Curtis AsplundCurtis Asplund

Assistant Professor

Specialization: High energy theoretical physics; entanglement entropy and complexity of quantum field theories and black
holes; applications of gauge/gravity duality to condensed matter systems

Email: curtis.asplund@sjsu.edu


Thomas MaduraThomas Madura

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Astrophysics; astronomy education for
blind and visually impaired persons

Office: SCI 312
Phone: 408-924-5268
Email: thomas.madura@sjsu.edu

Peter BeyersdorfPeter Beyersdorf

Professor and Graduate Advisor

Specialization: Gravitational wave detection,
precision measurements

Office: SCI 235
Phone: 408-924-5236
Email: peter.beyersdorf@sjsu.edu

Monika KressMonika Kress

Professor and Chair

Specialization: Astrophysics, astrobiology

Office: SCI 148
Phone: 408-924-5210
Email: monika.kress@sjsu.edu

Ranko HeindlRanko Heindl

Associate Professor

Specialization: Experimental condensed matter physics

Office: SCI 264
Phone: 408-924-5259
Email: ranko.heindl@sjsu.edu

Aaron RomanowskyAaron Romanowsky

Associate Professor

Specialization: Astrophysics: galaxy formation, dark matter, dynamics

Office: SCI 235
Phone: 408-924-5225 
Email: aaron.romanowsky@sjsu.edu 

Hilary HurstHilary Hurst

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Condensed matter theory; many-body atomic physics including quantum feedback control, topological phases
and dissipative quantum systems.

Email: hilary.hurst@sjsu.edu


Ehsan KhatamiEhsan Khatami

Associate Professor

Specialization: Application of machine learning
techniques to complex quantum problems

Office:  SCI 312
Phone: 408-924-5235
Email:  ehsan.khatami@sjsu.edu

Kenneth WhartonKenneth Wharton


Specialization: Plasma physics, laser-plasma

Office: SCI 308
Phone: 408-924-5257
Email: kenneth.wharton@sjsu.edu

Ramendra BahugunaRamendra Bahuguna


Specialization: Holography, fingerprint sensors

Office: SCI 245
Phone: 408-924-5245
Email: ramendra.bahuguna@sjsu.edu

Patrick Hamill
Patrick Hamill

Professor Emeritus

Specialization: Atmospheric physics, aerosol physics

Office: SCI 240
Phone: 408-924-5241 
Email: patrick.hamill@sjsu.edu

Michael Kaufman
Michael Kaufman

Professor and Dean, College of Science

Specialization: Astrophysics: interstellar medium, infrared/submillimeter observations

Office: SCI 127
Phone: 408-924-4800
Email: michael.kaufman@sjsu.edu

Kiumars ParvinKiumars Parvin

Professor Emeritus

Specialization: Experimental condensed matter physics

Office: SCI 322
Phone: 408-924-5272
Email: kiumars.parvin@sjsu.edu

Brian HolmesBrian Holmes

Professor Emeritus

Specialization: Musical acoustics, sports physics

Email: brian.holmes@sjsu.edu


Carel BoekemaCarel Boekema

Professor Emeritus

Specialization: Magnetism and superconductivity
in solids, computational condensed matter physics

Email: carolus.boekema@sjsu.edu

Lui LamLiu Lam

Professor Emeritus

Specialization: Nonlinear physics, liquid crystals

Email: lui.lam@sjsu.edu