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Our BS, BA, and MS Physics graduates go on to rewarding careers in the tech and data sectors of the Silicon Valley and beyond. Our graduates are also well prepared to pursue graduate work in physics, astronomy, engineering, and other areas of physical sciences. Our small class sizes provide physics majors with close mentorship by world-class faculty in well-appointed teaching laboratories. There are many opportunities for students to engage in research. Come join our team!


Department News: 

Physics Professor Khatami Publishes Latest Groundbreaking Research in ‘Science

Dr. Romanowsky discusses the July 2018 lunar eclipse and the line-up of Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn in the evening sky.

Professor of Physics and Astronomy Dr. Thomas Madura is a co-author on a new study published in Nature Astronomy: NASA's NuSTAR Mission Proves Superstar Eta Carinae Shoots Cosmic Rays

Dr. Khatami is featured in Physics Girl!